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Senior Copywriter & Content Planner

CWM FX London Boat Show

PROJECT_Concept, planning & content production for the CWM FX London Boat Show. The campaign included email marketing, promotional mechanics, placements in LBS newsletters & magazine, and print placement in specialised media.


PROJECT_Brand awareness campaign to reach football fans (sports and club).

Within its presence in sports, CWM FX wanted to take leverage from its Chelsea FC online sponsorship to launch a creative campaign targeting football fans. This campaign included placement in specialised media and websites, along with particular campaigns for Chelsea FC fans through the club and the brand's web and social media channels.

Full page insertion in FC Business, the magazine for football industry professionals. Placed next to the article "The greatest football stadiums ever built". This press insertion played along with banners on the magazine and partner's websites. Below, an example of pre and post-game banners for web and social.


(TV & Web Series concept)


This creative campaign would merge football and financial markets to familiarise new public with the excitement and language of Forex. Here, the passion for football would represent the real-time excitement in FX trading. 


The approach was taking the most exciting Chelsea moments in video, replacing the football lingo with trading expressions. We will leverage from real images and real commentators (e.g. John Motson / Gary Lineker), giving it relevance and a real feel, and adding produced images for newness and consistency. This web-series is to be aired before and afte r the games, for optimal engagement.




G_Last minutes at the Stanford Bridge, Chelsea 3, Arsenal 3. This is all or nothing for the Blues tonight.

J_Is is the Pair of the season, Gary. Mourinho brought the Major Currencies for this game. Everyone is at an absolute gold standard tonight.

G_ Here we go! Alexis dominating the centre of the Eurozone. I see many Pending Orders. Olivier’s right at the left post. There’s some risk for Chelsea here.

J_ Always some risk at this level, Gary! The blues must stay sharp. Alexis... Olivier… Olivier shoots and OHH! Petr Cech! What a brilliant Stop Loss!


G_ Such a highly volatile game tonight, John. The levels of Support and Resistance on the stands are not for the faint-hearted.

J_There goes Hazard! Hazard’s sprinting aaaand oh! He’s fouled. That’s a foul!


G_ There should be a Limit Order there, the referee is not blowing the pip. It’s the 90th minute and the reds are closing positions, John.

J_ Here we go. This is the Fill or Kill moment for Chelsea. Ramires. Margin call to Nemanja. Keep that ball Nemanja, here comes Diego. Move those Candlesticks Diego, keep Hedging Diego. The spreads are tight but there’s an Open Order! Call! GOAL! GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL!


G_ What a beautiful play, John, what a brilliant shot!

J_ That's what I call pure STP shot, ladies and gentlemen. Straight Through Processing from Costa's feet to the back of the net.

G_ What a beautiful finish, John. Diego was right In-the-Money. Trade Balance Chelsea 4: Arsenal 3.


J_ What a game, Gary, what a game ladies and gentlemen! Emotion right to the last second. This is why I love Forex.










Bird’s eye of the Chelsea Stadium; closing in and travelling over the crowd.




Wide and mid-shots of Mourinho and favourite Chelsea players.






Arsenal’s play across the midfield to the left side of the goal. Olivier shoots and Chelsa’s goalkeeper defends.






Chelsea’s goal kick. At the start of the recovery, one of the players is running down. Cut-ins of fans’ reactions, eye-levels of the referees.






Blues recovery. Ramires passes to Nemanja, who passes to Diego. Diego sprints towards the Red’s area and scores the winning goal.

Inserts with public chanting.









Overview of the team celebrating, crowd cheering, OSS shots from commentators.




CWMFX logo formation.




INSERT_Trade with the right team on your side








Fans Chanting Stadium

ambient sound









Fans suffering and cheering









Crowd, cheering, whistling and reacting to the foul.









Chelsea cheer groups chanting for the final play





















Interaction: This concept ties up with multi-media campaign, including a competition for the best comment ever, where participants have access to stock videos and a CWM FX glossary. The winners will be the next game’s shout caster, or they can watch a game from the commentators’ box.

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