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My first success was an award-winning essay that caused a Global Awakening within moments of release. I was two, I had a white Chicco typewriter, and nothing could stop me. I already knew, back then, that one story was enough to change the world.



Advertising was next. According to my mum, I'd pay more attention to Ad breaks than anything else on TV. My début campaign was a 'penny-recycling piggy bank' headlining "Dispose of your coins here. They will ruin your wallet".  (Oh... the gummy bears that paid me!)
My early signs of disruption showed right n my first Agency, where I displayed a hybrid capacity straight away. First, as a designer who could write; then as a copywriter
who could strategise. From one to the next, I’ve launched investment products as anti-age cream, packed bleach as perfume, shaped new campaigns, mechanics, services and even products – from a mineral water baby bottle to a children’s educational game. My concepts have led and inspired teams through the creative maze, from insight development and new brands to the delivery of TTL campaigns. 


Creative Strategy was the next logical step at a time where no such thing existed. And I've had the same pleasure working with small businesses, as I had with global brands such as AXA, Bayer, Danone, Deloitte, Martini and Unilever to name a just a few.


One day, I’ve decided to expand my creative source by having the broadest range of experiences as I possibly could. I’ve done cinema, journalism, and super-sports. I went from networking on my old Mac to hosting people from 41 countries in a World Surf Reserve. And yes, I have packed my bags, jumped off aeroplanes, walked on fire and swam naked on small Aegean islands under Super Moon's skies.


Today – after agency, entrepreneurship and client sides – I help organisations to shape their thinking, know the humans behind the numbers, and tell their stories in inspiring ways. Whatever side I’m on, nothing inspires me as much as the energy flow of new ideas.


I've been outside my comfort zone many times – in 5 different countries, to be precise – only to find out that there is one thing, and one thing only, that holds it all together. Purpose.


Mine is to imprint Human soul into branding. And pursue the quest I’ve started on my white ‘Chicco TAC’ machine: taming the power of ideas to leave a positive legacy to the world.


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