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WE'RE ALL worthy of expressing ourselves with the best. TO ENJOY the things WE love without guilt or sacrifice. In our world, anyone who appreciates character AND beauty SHOULD ENJOY IT. wE'RE all DIFFERENT, AND ALL fabulous. it's time WE own it.

SECRETSALES is a leading flash sales website in the UK, with over 4.8 million members. With the annual online sales growth for luxury fashion being expected to rise 18% within the year, it was relevant to solidify the core brand to endure growth and rising competition. After analysing the brand's competitive landscape, we dove deep into customers and targets, their belief systems, psychological profiles and purchase behaviours.

Secretsales Brand Strat (Sample)

Upon these findings, the brand transitioned from a solely price-focused messaging to become a manifesto of personal worth. A celebration of uniqueness and authenticity, that corresponds to the variety on offer and to the product quality. Every customer deserves the best, and they should always feel empowered and excited about it.  SECRETSALES became the fun, teasing, guilt-free tool that enables people to express the best version of themselves, by offering the most desirable brands in the world, every day, at a price they can afford.

the brand transitioned from A SOLELY price-focused messaging to a manifesto of personal worth. A celebration of uniqueness AND  authenticity, THAT correspond to the variety on offer and to the product quality.

The 'Boxing Day Series' Ad Concept ; Functional 

After developing the core BRAND STRATEGY, I've substantiated the personality WITH Verbal Identity, FULL VOICE AND Content Guidelines, AS WELL AS A NEW strapline AND KEY CONCEPTS FOR ADVERTISING.


Content Guidelines  (Sample)

The advertising approach was based on the concept of a Secret that only our members know about, or an exception that only our members represent. That was characterised by playing with asterisks and footer-notes for a bit of irreverence. As these were the only exception to the content guidelines' 'forbiddance' of omitting or disguising information in asterisks or 'between lines', unless they were clearly intended for a comedic effect.

The 'Shoe Series' Ad Concept ; Emotional

AND THEN, Christmas finally made right.

Within the verbal identity development, I was able to reformulate email campaign content (+9.9% revenue); website content, Customer Service email guide and Trust Pilot response. I was also happy to lead the creative for the Christmas email campaign featuring team members and 50-word stories about Christmas finally made right. This has generated +20.85% conversion rate, +16% revenue VS average marketing email during the same period.


(Sample  on the left and below.)


Last Christmas, Katie was quite disappointed with her husband’s gift. See the smile? That's an ‘I-gave-you-3-children-this-is-not-okay’ smile.


This year, she's finally getting something she loves. See that face? That’s a ‘get-ready-for-number-four’ face. Rumour has it that he’s quite happy too.




Uncle Neil means the world to the kids. And how does his sister show appreciation? A tie. It’s all he gets every Christmas since he got his first job. (As a dog walker, at 16.)


This year with SECRETSALES something extraordinary will happen. He will smile. It took her 32 Christmases, but it’s never too late.




Last year, Matilde’s Santa was not the kindest. Was she a good girl? Yes she was, but he didn't know about SECRETSALES.


This year Matilde is finally getting what she's been asking for. And her lovely Santa gets to spend the remaining budget on what truly matters: mulled wine.

"Yes, let them think you've spent a fortune.

It's our little secret."


Voucher placed in female segment magazines offering extra 10% off for Christmas Shopping. Click the image to read the body copy.

Voice, Tone and  Tone Variations - Examples

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