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Creative Lead | Conceptual Copywriter

Deeply is the exclusive watersports gear label of SportZone - the largest sporting goods chain in Portugal. Deeply is Sportzone's own label of watersports apparel. By the time of this proposal, Deeply merely featured commercial catalogues, lost among well-known names and an extensive arrow of white label products. It was far from engaging with its optimal targets.

SportZone's rebranding and the approach of warm weather would be the ideal opportunity to reposition Deeply, increase its BRAND equity and save it from fading away in commercial catalogues.

To maximise its power, we incorporated the name it into the brand signature, making clear its passion and purpose, creating affinity with like-hearted sports people. From there we've built the advertising concept for its Summer campaign including outdoor, print, catalogue, POS and online promotion.


Along with the new brand concept, we've added a look and feel that could honourably compete with established surf labels and communicate beyond the national public (PT and ENG), to make Portugal's durable sunshine and beautiful coastline work as 'assets' supporting the brand.

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