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Core Brand Strategy | Creative Lead

disruptING the surf camp stereotype by offering authenticity, affinity & connection TO a broader variety of people. It focuses on simplicity, on finding beauty in ordinary things, while sharing the candour and excitment of THE WEST COAST LIFE.

Magikvanilla is a surf camp in Ericeira – a small fishing village in Europe's west coast. Just like the place, they are simple, unassuming, and offering an exceptional service. The primary challenge approaching Magikvanilla brand was the fact that not only it operates in a minimal, secluded geographical area, as it also faces over twenty direct competitors.


However, on this competitive landscape, most operators are fighting over the same stereotypical surf territory. Not only on the perceptual arena, but also by saturating the same promotional channels with the same type of holiday experiences. This said, not just the business needed to innovate in its experiences and partnerships, but also with a brand that could stand out by its human connection.

"Our goal at heart is that one day, when you’re about 85, you’ll still remember your stay with us. That would mean we’ve done our job and hopefully, that we’re all pretty healthy old-beans."

The brand work started by focusing on the current customer base feedback, and immerse into the psychological aspects that keep them loyal to the brand. That, added to the analysis of push and pull motivators inherent to the tourism marketing, enabled us to find new answers that are compatible with our targets’ needs, and how to spark them. The answer was, as it should, to dig into the true spirit of

founders, staff and returning guests (especially those who have experienced other surf camps in the area and around the world), to find the common emotional dimension and belief system that makes of these holidays such an exceptional experience. We then moved on to expand the unique customer experience to own it as a brand characteristic, so we could project it more strongly. This reflected on the creation of the brand archetype.

Magikvanilla Brand Strategy Sample


The essence of Magikvanilla is IDEALISTIC & transformative. It focuses on simple things that, in the right state of mind, TURN into something greater. A MAGIC THAT MAKES of ‘Summer’ a feeling, rather than a season.

People from all backgrounds, ages and corners of the world manifest this feeling of belonging, of being back to their teens’ holidays with old friends they’ve just met. And as they feel happy, they feel inspired, purposeful, and willing to impact the ones around them. A magic that makes small things turn into something greater; something new and inspiring.

Part of this project involved restructuring the website as well as developing all its content. Highlights: 1) Diversification of holiday packs & camp activities ; 2) Integration of online booking tool; 3) Naming & backstory for each room; 4) Integration of town guide, accessible places and events, and 5) the most complete beach guide for Ericeira linked to live forecasts.

Brand Verbal Identity Sample

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