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Play at The Venetian for the King of all prizes

Macao is bigger than Vegas. Even with fewer casinos, and a hit on the gaming market, the revenues are up to 7 times higher. It is the main attraction for high-end players from around the globe, especially for the growing number of Chinese millionaires.



_With the government regulating the number of casino tables, and the new mega-casino project to compete with, The Venetian should

be prepared to make

a statement, being

the first brand in the gambling history of

a prize fit for nobility.

The strategic approach was based on 3 premises:

- Focus on high-rollers as a reinforcement of the brand's premium positioning;

- Reach for the Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI);

- Let the mass gamblers follow, to keep the smaller machines rolling and increasing the buzz

To make a bold statement, money alone has no relevance to the ultra-rich, no significance to the 24h news cycle, nor a differentiating factor. Extravagance does. Nothing cuts it as well as giving out European castles. Better still: "Châteaux":

As for their new millionaires, there are few things representing 'classy wealth and prestige' as well European Castles (the 'taking over' factor of nobility and History);

The European charm makes of France the Nº1 fantasy destination for the Chinese public;

Buying it is nothing compared to the thrill to grab one from a peer's hands in a Baccarat tournament, the prestige game in Macao;   

The Chinese are also very superstitious regarding numbers. Despite 4 being "bad", it is considered auspicious when paired with 5 or 8. In this case, 84 would mean “forever prosperous” - hence the prizes' worth of 84 million HKD (£7.5m).

This strategy was designed to involve mass gamblers and all users of The Venetian's services while the whales play for the ultimate symbol of prestige. The result is to claim the gambling empire to one brand only.

Prizes and mechanics segmented by:

Whales / UHNWI (Direct access to the 'noble seat' for the Grand Prize)

High-rollers eligible for the Play World Tour (access to the Grand Prize)

Mass gamblers (lottery along 3400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables) 

Tourists: hotel guests (3000 suites) and entertainment 

Collateral participants (viral mechanics and parallel promotions)

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