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"La FIM Présente ses Amazones"

Its name is inspired by the ancient Greek “Phere-nik”, meaning “She who brings Victory”. With 'W', to mark Women’s year in Motorsports. The 1st female Superbike squad among the permanent teams in the history of the FIM Endurance World Championship.

After an ‘incredible experience’ in the motorsports sector in Estoril, FIM’s Commission for Women in Motorcycling challenged me to take it to the next level, by finding a way to celebrate and attract women to the sport. The answer was creating a statement brand - a female team to compete among men in one of the most prestigious race series in the world. A message to inspire anyone with a dream to dare the same.

_The answer was beyond creating a team, but a statement brand who could attract new sports lovers.

The strategic approach was to differentiate the team not only for being “feminine”, but for being daring, emotional, provocative, unapologetic and human. Weronica was presented as a force of nature. It was about women taming the machine, setting new standards, not afraid of the cold, technological, male-dominated landscape.

This was accomplished by:

Starting with a bold, feminine name built upon the ideas of resilience (Veronica in the Golgotha path), courage (St. Veronica) and victory (Phere-nik);

Breaking the “Acronymic noise” and allowing creativity in sports news and commentary. (Imagine commentators saying Weronica, among names such ABG Performance or SRK Team);

Gathering the best female riders in the world in 600cc and 1000cc (main and replacement riders);

Acting beyond track with Weronica Brand experiences, Social Responsibility, personal development and an academy for girls;

Presenting the first 100% tailor made high-performance biofuel, approved by F.I.M.;

Using the brand as the only attractive element without objectifying our riders, yet embracing feminine power with a 'rock and roll' attitude. 

1st mockup for BMW S 1000RR to feature the 1st Weronica's PR hitting 21 countries. The sign-up number #111 symbolising three champions United. 


Weronica didn't get to debut in Bol d'Or, but the girls finished strong with their participation in Qatar, hitting the Top 10 World teams in the 8h of Doha (6th place 1000cc).

_All-woman endurance team aims to kick some TT Legend butt
_Guy Proctor, MCN (03/2011)

“Four of the world’s most successful female racers will join forces to field a BSB-crew-supported S1000RR in this year’s World Endurance Championship. Team Weronica will be the first all-woman team to enter the series and they’ll go head-to-head against some of the world’s hardest riders, including TT legends John McGuinness, Steve Plater and Cameron Donald.”

_Un équipage

100 % féminin

au Bol d’Or
_Faten Khelifa, Motorevue (03/2011)

“En cette Journée de la Femme, saluons l’arrivée de Weronica, la toute première équipe féminine sous contrat de l’histoire du Championnat du Monde FIM Qtel d’Endurance."


"On this Women's Day, let's salute Weronica’s arrival, the very first female team under contract in the history of the Qtel FIM Endurance World Championship."

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